Snow in September!

Friday night we had a rather wild storm with high winds, and when I woke up Saturday morning, the storm was over and there was snow on the mountain peaks. By Saturday night the snow had melted. Sunday morning it was raining when I went to church, and when church was over, it was snowing again, with snow on the windshield of my car. Through the clouds I can see snow halfway down the mountain.

Someone told me that they usually have snow by Christmas, but this is three months too early.

Cheers for the Internet

After seven weeks of waiting, the Faroese telephone company has successfully installed my DSL connection to the internet. How wonderful to have access to my email from home, instead of walking up to the library. I can also keep up with the news online, now. I don’t have a television, I don’t understand the radio, and it takes me a very long time to read a Faroese newspaper. I can also see a view of the construction project for my church in Berkeley, and I even listened to a recent sermon by Josh McPaul. Now Jonathan is teaching my how to maintain the site myself, so he won’t need to copy my emails onto the website.

Telephone and Packages

On Friday I had decided it was time to buy a cookbook so I could cook something… anything… but the nearest bookstore was in Runavik. However, first thing in the morning the telephone people showed up and started digging up my line to try to find the break in the line, so I stayed home while they were working. They followed the line down the street, across the road, and up the field to the road above me. It turns out the break in the line was across the road in the field at the bottom of the hill. Then they laid new cables from that point up to my house. At about 3 p.m. someone came in to start connecting my phone and my internet. He got the phone working, but he couldn’t get the internet to work. There was some problem with the DLS modem he he brought. He said that someone in Runavik was having the same problem. At about 5 p.m. he left and said he was going to Runavik to get a different modem, and that he would be back. He actually did come back just before 6 p.m., but the new modem still didn’t work. Someone else is supposed to come out to fix it on Monday morning.

The mail comes at about 11 a.m. everyday, and yesterday morning I got a notice that there were 4 boxes from America waiting for me at the Post Office. The mail delivery woman drives a little blue scooter, so she can’t really deliver boxes. Sure enough, there were the four boxes I had shipped to myself two months ago, before I left California! Unfortunately, the boxes were a little the worse for wear after travelling for eight weeks. One box had split open, though the only damage was that the ream of printer paper that I shipped had come open, so I may not have all 500 sheets. Everything else seemed to be okay in the box. It had my books, decaf coffee, plus other miscellaneous things. Another box that had my clothes in it had a foot-long slit on one side. However, I had packed all of my clothes in plastic bags or wrapped them in plastic wrap, so they were all fine.

It is wonderful to finally have my things. I made a list of ingredients from the recipes to look for in the stores. I also finally have another pair of shoes to wear that are very waterproof. My brown ones that I wore here leak a bit in real wet weather. The item of clothing that I didn’t bring enough of was warm socks – I found that I had to wear my warm socks for two or three days if I didn’t want to do laundry twice a week. Now I have lots of warm socks and other warm clothes. The other item that will be useful is my tripod. I’m trying to take photos of some of Heðin’s paintings, and I don’t want to use the flash.

Since my home internet isn’t working yet, I’m typing this from the library’s computer; the library closes at noon on Saturday, so I better go.


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