Houses in Fuglafjørður

In the towns and villages in the Faroe Islands, the houses all seem to be one of a kind. In Tórshavn, there are some housing developments with look-alike houses, but that phenomenon hasn’t reached Fuglafjørður. Here are some of the houses I passed on a Saturday afternoon walk around the town. Most of these houses are quite different from what you see in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I come from.

A Blue Sky Day

We have had clear blue skies for two days, with a promise of more to come. All day today the roads and hillsides were covered with frost, even though we haven’t had rain for two days. I walked very carefully when I went into town. When the wind is still, I can see everything reflected in the bay ouside my window.

I promise that next time I will write about something besides the weather, but it was so beautiful today, I couldn’t resist. It has been at least two months since I had a picture of my house in the sun.

Five Minutes of Sun

This morning I saw the amazing sight of sunshine shining in my windows. I just stood and looked out the window for a few minutes. Before I could get my shoes on to go out and take a picture, the sun had moved back behind the mountain. It has been nearly two months since the sun shone on my house. I didn’t know how much I appreciated the sun until I didn’t see it for so long.

I am repeatedly surprised by how changeable the weather is here. Last night when I left for my night school language class just before 7 p.m., I had to scrape snow off of the windows of my car, though the roads were still clear. I was afraid I might need to drive home at night in the snow, which I haven’t done yet. When I came out of class at 10 p.m., the skies were clear, with a full moon and stars, all reflecting off of the snowy mountains and the Fuglafjørður bay. It was beautiful. By the time I went to bed (1:30 a.m.) everything was covered with snow. In just a few minutes time the weather can change from clear sky to clouds so thick I can’t see across the bay.

A few days ago I was surprised to see a large flock of birds over the water outside my window. Someone with a fishing boat had cleaned a boatload of fish and then tossed the guts into the bay. That soon became dinner for all of the birds in the neighborhood.

The sweater picture is at the request of my daughter, who is my knitting teacher. It looks as though I will be able to wear my new sweater this winter.


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