Mostly Water

The appearance of the bay waters from my window is changing constantly. It reflects the sky, the mountains, and the weather. Here are a few pictures from this week plus parts of some older pictures, showing mostly the water that I see from my house.

I also want to include this photo of one of the frozen creeks on the hill above my house, along the main road into town.

This coming Saturday night (the first weekend of April) will be the time change to daylight savings time in California. What I learned this past Sunday is that, in the Faroe Islands, the time change is the last weekend of March. I discovered this when I went to church on Sunday, and as I entered the church, the priest was just concluding his sermon and starting his prayer. I sang along with the last two hymns, and then left with everyone else. That was the shortest church service I have attended.

It snowed off and on all day today, but I pretended it was summer, and made pancakes (crepes) with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Delicious! There are just a few left, so give me a call if you want to share them with me. Jonathan, I used your recipe for the crepes.

Spring versus Winter

Spring is here, according to the calendar. Did I mention that I really appreciate the longer days? This week we have had spring flowers and blowing snow storms. Today we have bright sun and blue skies, along with a few snow flurries. My observation is that you don’t get a rainbow when sun shines through the falling snow, but only from sun and rain.

Fuglafjørður means “bird fjord”, and I have enjoyed watching the birds returning in the spring. I know that the people who live here are rather blasé about the birds, but I decided to include a few pictures, anyway.

Melting Snow

This week I have been watching the snow melt. The hills that were green a few weeks ago have reappeared from under the snow, looking brown and dry. I know they aren’t actually dry, because there is always rain and fog, but the lush grass is gone. This is the time of year that the sheep on the mountainsides are eating the hay that was harvested last August.

A couple of weeks ago I took pictures of the spring flowers appearing in a few gardens. Then the poor flowers were covered with snow for a week, and I was sure they wouldn’t survive. As the snow was melting, I returned to the gardens, and found that the flowers are winning, and the purple and yellow crocus were thriving under the snow.


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