Music in the Faroes

Whatever your taste in music may be, someone will be performing it at a concert somewhere in the Faroe Islands this summer. There are concerts in all sorts of venues: clubs, restaurants, churches, schools, beaches, soccer stadiums, and performance halls. I have been to several concerts within the past weeks, and there are quite a few more coming up that I plan to attend. There are also quite a few that I plan not to attend.

The Nordic House in Tórshavn is the primary concert hall in the Faroes, seating about 400 people.

Summer in Fuglafjørður

Summer has arrived in Fuglafjørður, and it has striking similarities to summers of my childhood. Fog! I grew up near the Pacific Ocean just south of San Francisco, and every summer when school would let out, the fog would come in and stay for most of the summer.

We had some lovely days here in the middle of June, and I was planning to take pictures of a late sunset on the first day of summer, but the fog came in on the first day of summer, and we didn’t even see the tops of the mountains for several days, let alone see the sun.

This is the time of year that makes the cost of flying to the Faroes so expensive, if the airport in Vágar is fogged in. One summer I flew from Copenhagen to the Faroes, circled for an hour, flew to Bergen to refuel, flew back to the Faroes, circled for half an hour, flew to Reykjavik, spend the night in a hotel, got back on the plane, and flew to the Faroes and finally landed. All of this was for the price of one flight from Copenhagen to Vágar.

Wildflowers are starting to bloom in the very green fields. Many of the flowers look the same as the wildflowers in the coastal hills of California. I wonder if California poppies would grow here. Many green fields are covered with the yellow sólja flowers.

There are birds in the bay here year round, but the flocks of birds are larger in the summer, especially around the ships at the harbor across the bay from me. There are nearly always birds fishing in the bed of seaweed in the bay just over my fence. I wonder if the fish ever catch the birds.

Norway – Back to Bergen

Late Friday evening, I boarded the Narvik in Stamsund, and headed back to Bergen.

On Saturday we had beautiful weather, and passed through some beautiful scenery. We stopped in several small towns, and were able to get off the ship and walk around for a while. A couple of times we passed through areas of fog, but the fog was so close to the water that the sun was still shining through on the upper decks.

On Sunday, again the weather was lovely. Kristiansund was a beautiful city, spread out on all the shores of the bays and the sound. We arrived in Molde after dinner, and I walked around the town for a little while. I was curious when I saw all of the kitchen staff from the ship going into a restaurant there, and I wondered if they had better food here than on the ship. They all came out with ice cream cones.

On Monday, we stopped at several small towns while I was sleeping. Then we sailed back to Bergen, arriving at about 2:30 p.m. I gave my camera a bit of a rest on Monday and Tuesday.

I spent Monday night with Elsebeth and Per Eirik, and then boarded the Norrona ferry on Tuesday afternoon for the return trip to the Faroe Islands. Fuglafjørður does feel like home. After being on board ships for eight and a half days, it took me about five days to get used to dry land that doesn’t move. For several days, it felt like my house was rocking back and forth.

I hope you have enjoyed a trip along the coast of Norway on the Norwegian Fast Ferries.


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