Bilur til sølu

Hvítur Mazda, árgangur 1996, koyrt 134.000 km. Til sølu fyri 20.000 kr. Nýggj heilársdekk fylgja við. Tú kanst senda teldupost til ella ring 276679.

Car for Sale
White 1996 Mazda for sale, 134,000 kilometers. For sale for 20,000 kr. New all-year tires included. Email me at or phone 276679.

A Trip to Mykines

Mykines is the most western of the Faroe Islands, and it is only accessible in good weather. The town of Mykines is near the western end of the island, and the boat dock is in a small gorge between two cliffs, down a steep hill from the town. The rest of the island is surrounded by cliffs.

We had planned to fly to Mykines on the helicopter from the airport, but they changed the schedule without telling us. We were able to get a place on the small ferry, which was quite packed.

My children hiked out to the western end of the island, but that would have been too difficult for me, so they went without me. I did hike out there one time several years ago, and once was enough. I did only the first part of the hike to the ridge. First you climb up a steep sloping field to the ridge of the cliffs, walk along the ridge for some distance, then go down the face of the cliff on steep, slippery, muddy stone steps, and back around the cliff to the grassy slopes. These slopes are quite steep, and they are covered with long, wet grass, and full of holes in the ground where the puffins like to make their nests. Usually, you can only see these holes after you slip into them. Near the bottom of the slopes, the trail leads to a bridge across a deep gorge that separates the headlands from the rest of the island. Mid-July is still the height of the bird nesting season, and this part of the island has prime nesting ground for puffins.

We spent one night on Mykines in a bed and breakfast, which also had a restaurant serving dinner. Our rooms were up a steep ladder in the loft. The second day we walked some more around the island in the morning, and in the afternoon, when it was raining, we played card games in the restaurant of the bed and breakfast. The ferry ride back to Vágar in the late afternoon was very wet and crowded, but at least my car was waiting for us at the other end.

An Evening Boat Ride

The Dragin is an old fishing boat that has been refurbished as a pleasure boat. One evening we sailed from Klaksvík north between the islands of Kalsoy and Kunoy to the northern end of the two islands. Maria and Lýlli had their children and grandchildren visiting, and they came with us along with Heðin. I also brought my children, who are visiting me from California in the USA.

The weather was very pleasant and the sea wasn’t too rough, and most of us had a pleasant trip. The towns on these islands sure seem isolated and hard to get to. The cliffs on the northern ends of the islands are filled with nesting birds, and the sound of the chirping birds is rather deafening.


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