Home Again

I have been home in California for a couple of weeks now, but it is going to take a while for me to really get settled in my house. I have spent the last two weeks getting used to the 8 hour time change, taking care of finances, and phoning family and friends. I need to take out the bunk beds that the renters used and bring my belongings up from the basement and down from the attic. It is going to be a while yet before I’m settled in my house, and it will be a while before I show you pictures of the inside of the house.

I moved into this house just three months before I moved to the Faroe Islands, and I moved from a house that was twice as large. I did get rid of a lot of stuff before I moved, but I need to do some more sorting and get rid of some more of the things that my family accumulated over the years. I think that being away for a year will make it easier to part with some of the clutter.

Also, before I moved to the Faroes, I sold my old car, so a few days ago I bought a replacement, a 2005 PT Cruiser. It sure is a cute car.

Leeds, England

On my way home from the Faroe Island to California, I stayed for three days in Leeds, England. Kathleen and I had two performances of our play, Candles in the Window, at a drama festival in Leeds. We were given a place to stay at a private home outside of Leeds – what a beautiful place.

I’m back home now, but the weather is just about the same as the weather I left in Fuglafjørður – clouds, fog, wind, and about 11 degrees C (52 degrees F).

Leaving the Faroe Islands

Tomorrow morning, in fact very early tomorrow morning, I will be leaving the Faroe Islands, after living here for more than thirteen months. I hope you have enjoyed the view from my window.

The past few weeks have been very busy, and even though I carried my camera with me everywhere I went, I usually forgot to take any pictures. Here are just a few photos showing what I have been doing.

The book of paintings by Heðin Kambsdal is nearly complete and should be available in print within a couple of months or so. I am planning to give the book as Christmas gifts to everyone I know, and you are welcome to do the same. It is called Mótljós, Into the Light, and the text is in Faroese and English. (I wrote the English.)

This week we had two performances of Candles in the Window at the Culture House in Fuglafjørður. This is a two person play based on the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Kathleen and I are going to England tomorrow, and we will have two performances of the play this week at a drama festival in Leeds, England.

On Friday, I finished boxing up most of my belongings, and shipped three more boxes to the USA. I sure hope that everything else will fit in my suitcases. You are getting one last message before I pack my computer.

On Thursday, after our performances in England, I will finally be returning to my home in Richmond, California (USA), very near San Francisco. I wonder how long it will take for me to get used to the change. At least there are a couple of things that will be the same – my house in America is also near the bay and we often have dense fog there in the summer. You can look for pictures from California, after I get home.


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