Visitor from the Faroe Islands

Finally, I have had a visitor from the Faroe Islands to come to my house here in California. Nikolina is taking an English language class in the Los Angeles area for a few months, and she came to visit me this weekend. She will be returning to the Faroe Islands in two weeks. Here are a few pictures to show that she was actually here.

Visiting Family

In mid-October I left for a two week trip to visit family in Texas and Georgia. It was good to see everyone again.

First I went to see Erma and Werner near Dallas, also spending time with Sonja and her family and Tim and his family. Erma and Werner celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in June, while I was away in the Faroe Islands. Kathleen joined me in Dallas, and we had another performance of Candles in the Window, a play about the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

From Dallas, I drove to Stephenville to visit JoEllen, my sister-in-law. I also got to see all of her kids and grandkids. We went to a halloween party for the under 10 year old crowd, which featured a dirt cake, a meatloaf foot with ketchup blood, and a treasure hunt. You can still see the dirt cake on the faces of some of the kids.

From Stephenville, I drove to Meridian, an hour’s drive to the east, to visit Susan and Terry. This was the start of the rainy season there, and I didn’t take any pictures. However, Susan took the opportunity to look at all of my web-photos from the Faroe Islands. Her old computer has trouble getting pictures from the internet, so I gave her a private viewing on my laptop.

From Meridian, I drove back to Dallas for another day with Erma, then flew from Dallas to Atlanta, Georgia, rented a car, and drove to Bowen’s Mill near Fitzgerald to visit Roberta and Claude. Georgia sure has a lot of trees. I spent several days with Roberta, then drove back to Atlanta in time to have lunch with Peter and Patti before flying back home.


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