Blue Sky, Blue Water, Yellow House

Today the sky was blue and the sea was blue, and I walked around Fuglafjørður with my camera. The clouds that blew over the mountain ridges all dissolved and disappeared. I don’t think I can take credit for the good weather, though I have told a few people that I brought the sun from sunny California in the USA.

This morning the tops of the mountains were still frozen, but after a day of sunshine, most of the frost is gone. I am enjoying living in the little yellow house again. Enjoy a sunny day in Fuglafjørður.

Back in Fuglafjørður

I’m back in Fuglafjørður in the Faroe Islands to visit for a month. I am living in the same house I was in last year, and most of the things I left behind are still here. People told me that it rained and stormed all winter, but my first day back was warm and sunny. I guess the islands were glad to see me. However, today we are back to drizzle and mist.

During the winter I have been reading children’s books in Faroese, with an English version in the other hand, trying to learn Faroese. Let me recommend Winnie the Pooh or Palli Pumm. The effort has paid off and I have had several conversations in Faroese – very simple Faroese on a limited number of topics. Most people here still speak English much better than I speak Faroese, but I am making progress.

One of my relatives, Heðin Kambsdal, has an exhibition of his paintings in a small gallery in Fuglafjørður. Someday maybe I will have some of his paintings to bring back to America. I included a few photos of the exhibit.


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