A New Car

Jonathan just bought a new Mazda Miata hard-top convertible – the first time he has owned a new car.

From Tórshavn to San Francisco

The Tórshavn Youth Horn Orchestra spent the past week or so sightseeing in San Francisco. I accompanied them to an Oakland A’s baseball game last week, and I realized that baseball is not an easy game to explain. The group from the Faroes cheered at all the right times, whenever the rest of the crowd cheered, but I don’t think they knew what they were cheering for.

Today I went to hear them perform in Union Square in downtown San Francisco, and it was an outstanding performance. Quite a few people came to listen – some stayed the whole hour and some just paused for a while on their way past. After the concert, the students were off to spend the rest of their money at the nearby department stores.


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