Weekend Choir Workshop

This past weekend, the Gøta-Leirvík choir had a vocal workshop with Súsanna Brattaberg. We met in small groups on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to work on vocal technique with Súsanna. We rehearsed our choir music with our director on Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning. Sunday we sang three of our pieces for the service at the Leirvík church – one in Faroese, one in English, and one in Italian.

I last heard Súsanna sing a little over a year ago when she and her husband Runi gave a concert of opera music in the natural gorge in Elduvík. Súsanna said she sometimes goes there by herself to rehearse, and on occasion a seal will come to listen. She has been learning Faroese, and gave the workshop inFaroese. I can understand her better than the native speakers, because she speaks more slowly and clearly. I found it very encouraging, and I even tried out my halting Faroese this weekend. She is originally from Germany, and she often performs with opera companies on the continent.

Moonlight and Rain

When people at home ask me about the Faroe Islands, I often mention that it rains a lot, maybe 300 days a year, but that it doesn’t rain all day, every day. After this past week of rain, I may change my story. It rained all day, every day, for most of the week. It seems that the only break in the rain has been at night, and with the full moon the past couple of nights, we have had some beautiful nighttime views. This explains why my complaints about the rain are illustrated with pictures of moonlight.

Actually, there have been a few times this week when the rain stopped, and the blowing wind even dried the pavement. However, if I dared to go outside for a walk, a fresh downpour of rain would start. I need to get in the habit of wearing the ugly gray rain pants with the blue rain jacket that I bought in Berkeley. It won’t stop the rain, but it might keep me dry. Tonight the weather is dry and calm, and there are stars in the sky. I bet if I went for a walk, the rain would start. Last night I got home from choir rehearsal at midnight. The moon was shining and there was no wind, so I went for a walk. Guess what happened! Rain. I wish there was a way to share some of the rain with the people at home in California, where they need it to put out the forest fires.

A View of the Weather

The weather is constangly changing here in the Faroe Islands, and the view from my windows is different nearly every day. Most of these pictures are taken from the windows of the little house I am renting here by the Fuglafjørður bay. A few of them are taken from the road near my house, maybe half a kilometer to the north or to the south. Even stormy, windy days are beautiful – in a heated house behind double-paned windows. Some day I hope to get a photo of one of the whirling waterspouts that rush across the bay and then disappear. Enjoy the view from my window.


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