A Good Day

The art book of paintings by Heðin Kambsdal arrived today, and soon it will be in the bookstores. I have a few copies, so call or email me if you want to buy one.

Here are some pictures of a nice day in Fuglafjørður.

Mótljós/Into the Light

It has taken two years and three months, but it is finally happening. The book of paintings by Heðin Kambsdal will be in the bookstores in the Faroe Islands early next week. From the hundreds of oil paintings he had made during the past thirty years, he selected about 120 that he wanted to consider for the book. During the fall of 2005, I drove around the Faroe Islands, taking photos of about 100 of his paintings, all of them privately owned by individuals or businesses. In the process, I met many wonderful Faroese people, drank many cups of tea or coffee, ate cookies, sandwiches, dried lamb, and even some Christmas almond rice pudding with cream and cherries.

We selected sixty three paintings for the book, and these were photographed in a studio in Tórshavn in July a year ago. This meant that we picked up sixty three paintings from homes and businesses all over the Faroes and delivered them to the studio in Tórshavn, and two days later we returned them to their owners. For the past year Heðin has been working with the printers to get the most accurate colors for the book, which is a very delicate and time-consuming job. At last, the book is done, and should be back in the Faroe Islands next Monday – assuming airplanes fly and ferries sail and trucks can drive. I am excited that I can be here for this event.

We will be having three book signing events in early December:

  • 6 December, 19:30 in Ribarhús in Fuglafjørður
  • 7 December 16:00 in SMS in Tórshavn
  • 8 December 14:00 in Leikalund in Klaksvík


Guess what I will be buying my family for Christmas this year?



This is for Alex, and all the other boys who like machinery and heavy equipment. When Alex (my niece’s son) received a truck with a crane on it for his third birthday, he was delighted – grinning from ear to ear.

Walking around Fuglafjørður the past few weeks, I started noticing that cranes are just about everywhere, so I started taking pictures of them. (There is also one from Tórshavn and one from Gøta.) I don’t think there are as many cranes in the town where I live in California. Of course, here my house looks out on the ship docks, where there are lots of cranes for loading and unloading ships, so it isn’t too surprising that there are more cranes here.

There are some weeks when the weather is mostly grey, and this was one of them, so you get to see pictures of cranes, instead of scenery.


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