Christmas with my Family

I celebrated Christmas with my children on the Saturday after Christmas. They even waited to open Christmas gifts until I got back home. I left the Faroe Islands on Thursday afternoon, flying to Copenhagen. I spent the night at the airport hotel in Copenhagen, and on Friday I flew to Seattle and then to San Francisco, getting to my house at about midnight. That was a very long day.

One of the first things I noticed when I got home is that in the morning the sky is light before 7 a.m. – three hours earlier than in the Faroes – and I have been waking up at 7 a.m instead of 10 a.m. A new rose blossom has just opened in my small garden – a New Year’s rose.

Christmas in the Faroes

In the Faroe Islands I celebrated Christmas for three days in a row with five different families. On Christmas Eve I drove to Tórshavn and spent the afternoon with my cousin Ninna and also had the chance to visit with her family. In the evening, I went to nearby Hoyvík for dinner with Gunnleyg’s family at her granddaughter’s brand new home.

On Christmas Day, I went to church twice – at noon and at 6 p.m. Maybe this made up for not going to church on Christmas Eve. I spent the day with Maria and Lylli and their family. All of their children were there – Jonhard’s family from Brussels, Roi and his wife from Fuglafjørður, and Durita’s family from Denmark.

On the Second Christmas Day, I spent the afternoon with Poul Jacob and Jutta’s children at Gurið and Dan’s home. Poul Jacob was the first of my Faroese cousins that I got to know, and I have stayed in his home on several of my visits to the Faroes. He and Jutta both died during the summer of 2007, and I miss them deeply.

Next I went home and sold my car. It was a very small car, but it didn’t quite fit in my suitcase, so I was relieved to find someone who wanted to buy it.

In the evening of the Second Christmas Day, I walked across the street to Ingimund and Katrin’s house, where there was a crowd of people, and some of them were my relatives. I was quite honored to have the men sing two songs in my honor. By the way, in America we don’t celebrate the Second Christmas Day. That is the day when people go to the stores to return gifts they don’t want, and then buy things that are on sale.

The next day, I went to the airport to begin the long journey home, but that is a different story.


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