A Clear Day in Tórshavn

I made a visit to Tórshavn about a month ago, and I am finally getting them on my website. It was a clear day, and the Faroese ferry Nørrona, dominated the view of the harbor.

Here are also a few pictures from the plane leaving the Faroes and arriving in Denmark.

Visit to Sandoy

This week I made a trip to Sandoy to visit some relatives. To get there, I drove across the island of Eysturoy, across the bridge to Streymoy, then across Streymoy to the southwest coast, where I caught the ferry in Gamlarætt, which took me to the town of Skopun on the island of Sandoy. Then I drove through the wide valley across the island to the town of Sandur, and followed the west coastline further south, almost to the end of the road just before the deserted town of Skarvanes. I had been to Anna Katrin’s house once before, eleven years ago during my first visit to the Faroe Islands.

The weather was beautiful while I was there, and the next day Anna Katrin and I did some sightseeing around the island while her husband and daughter repaired fences in preparation for shearing their 95 sheep.


Last week I attended some of the graduation ceremonies for the school in Kambsdal. The school offers a three year program in a number of subjects for students who have finished high school. Jørmund and Bjørghild, from whom I rent my house, invited me to come with them for their son’s graduation, on the beach in Gøta in the evening, and in the Kambsdal sports hall the next afternoon. Sorry, I don’t know enough Faroese to get much out of graduation speeches. However, I do understand the music.

Weeds and Wildflowers

Sometimes it is very worthwhile to walk around looking down at the ground. I don’t suggest doing it all the time, but sometimes you can see some beautiful and delightful things, just by looking down. Here are a dozen photos of different wildflowers plus some beautiful weeds that I pass every day when I walk into town. The only problem with discovering tiny, beautiful flowers is that I have to get down on the ground myself to take pictures of them.


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