Signs of Winter

The calendar says it is still autumn, but there are lots of signs of winter around.

There is a flock of geese that live across the road, but they wander freely in the neighborhood, grazing beside the road and in empty fields. A Christmas goose is a favorite Faroese Christmas dinner.

The past few days I have been watching as the snow on the peaks of the mountains slowly moved down lower and lower. Last night when I went to choir, I drove slowly and carefully on frozen roads and zig-zagged up the hill instead of driving up the steep streets. I’m not very comfortable driving in snow and ice, since there is never snow on the roads in the San Francisco area where I come from.

This morning, the road by my house was covered with snow, with just a couple of tire tracks leading down to the little factory by the bay. At noon it is zero degrees Celsius, 32 degrees Fahrenheit. I can stand by my window and watch the wind blow across the bay, and I feel a jolt when it hits my house.

Today I am wearing my warmest winter sweater. It is one I knitted a couple of years ago, and left here in the Faroes to use when I visit here, since the sweater is too warm to wear in California. I made the sweater before I lost 50 pounds, so now if I pull it down it also keeps my legs warm.

A Break in the Weather

On Wednesday there were several hours with no rain, little wind, and even some sun, and I took advantage of it by walking around the town with my camera. I have learned that the weather can change very quickly. Clouds can come quickly and dump rain, snow, and hail, and then quickly disappear again. If the rain is pouring down, and I need to go someplace, I am learning to wait a few minutes until the downpour has ended. However, I must say that the past two weeks have had a lot of rain.

October Snow

This morning the mountain tops were all covered in snow, and it has lasted all day. This isn’t the first snow of the season, but it is the first since I arrived. My rental car has winter tires, and today I bought a snow scraper for my windshield, so I think my car is ready for winter. Since I come from San Francisco, which doesn’t have snow, the first snow here is always a surprise. I think I’m ready to drive (and occasionally walk) in the snow.


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