Sun and Reflections

The sun doesn’t shine very long in the winter in the Faroe Islands, but when it does shine, it makes a triple impact, reflecting the snow-covered mountains in the bays and sounds. I love the way the snow-covered mountains are constantly changing colors, and those colors are all reflected back from the still waters of the bay. I keep taking the same pictures, over and over, but in the changing light, they always look different (at least, they do to me).

Christmas Lights

Every year Fuglafjørður hangs Christmas lights along all of the main streets. Here are a few pictures showing how it is done.

Back to Normal

My life is getting back to normal, now that the book launch is over. Here are some pictures of Fuglafjørður that I have taken during the past week, but haven’t had time to post to my website. Last week we had snow and cold weather. The temperature was below freezing for about 5 days, but everything thawed on Sunday for my book signing party. I don’t see snow at all in the winter where I live in California, so when I am here in the Faroes, I take a lot of snow pictures. It is beautiful here, but sometimes I’m a little cold.

A few days ago I had my last sunrise in the Faroes for this year. Today the sun tried to shine, but it couldn’t quite make it up over the mountain pass along the road from Gøta. I have pictures of one sunrise and one almost-sunrise.

Fuglafjørður is surrounded by mountains, and here are pictures of almost all of them. As you can see, there is a lot of snow on the mountains this time of year.


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