Faroe Islands via Dublin and Billund

I haven’t found a way to fly to the Faroe Islands with fewer than three airplanes. This trip I flew out of San Francisco on Sunday, flying first to Dublin, Ireland. On Monday, I flew from Dublin to Billund, Denmark, where I changed planes to fly to the Faroe Islands.

If you ever find yourself on an airplane with an engine that doesn’t work, the best place to be when this happens is on the ground at the airport. All of the passengers were loaded onto the airplane in the Billund airport, and we backed away from the gate. Several minutes later, we pulled back up to the gate, and the pilot told us that one of the engines would not start. We waited an extra seven hours in Billund while airplane mechanics replaced the starter for one of the engines. Apparently they did a good job, because I am writing this from the Faroe Islands. We arrived at the Vágar airport shortly before midnight Monday.

I made this trip on somewhat of an impulse. As you probably can tell from earlier posts on my website, I enjoy being in the Faroe Islands. A lot of people have told me that after July, I probably will not want to do as much travelling, so I decided to make one more trip to the Faroes before the big date arrives. The last week of July, my daughter Natasha is due to have her first baby, and I will become a grandmother for the first time. I want to be back home in the US before the baby arrives, and I am staying here two months.

My little house on the edge of the bay in Fuglafjørður is in the middle of being remodeled, so I am staying in Gøta with Gunnleyg until the house is ready. It is a ten minute drive between Gøta and Fuglafjørður, so I’m not too far away.

I have been able to jump right in to life in the Faroes. On Tuesday, I rehearsed with the Fuglafjørður choir briefly, and then joined them in celebrating the 60th birthday of Alexander Kristiansen, poet, writer, and teacher from Fuglafjørður. Many different groups performed music that he had written. This was a good test of my Faroese. I could understand some of what was said, but not everything. However, I wasn’t ever completely lost.

Wednesday night I went to a soccer game in Gøta, where the local team beat the Tórshavn team 2-1. It was a pleasant evening – no rain, not too much wind. For an outdoor event in the evening, like this one, here is what I wear: pants, shirt, sweater, heavy wool jacket, long fleece-lined coat, wool scarf, long underwear, heavy sox, sturdy shoes, and lined leather gloves. If you don’t like lots of fresh air, you had better not come to the Faroe Islands.


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