Back Home

I am all packed and ready to go back home to America. This is a time of mixed emotions – I’m sad to leave the Faroe Islands, but I am looking forward to being with my children again. This time, the feelings are a little stronger, since it may be a while before I make it back to the Faroes again.

I have several projects that will keep me occupied for some time when I return home. First, I will need to learn how to be a grandmother. Other people who have had the experience tell me that this very small unknown person will become a very important part of my life, and since my daughter and her husband live only a ten minute drive from my house, I will have lots of opportunities to get to know the new little baby.

In 2008, the big event for me was getting my book published in the Faroe Islands (in Faroese). My next big project will be to find a publisher in America that is interested in publishing a book about a woman who finds her father’s family in the Faroe Islands (where???) some 80 years after he left home. Wish me luck! I don’t know how long this will take, but I plan to keep trying until I succeed.

I also plan to get back into directing and producing theater in my church in Berkeley. For years, we would put on a couple of shows every year, and I think it is time to get organized for the next show. Directing a show in Berkeley is not something I can do while travelling back and forth to the Faroe Islands.

On the other side of the picture, I love living here in the Faroe Islands. I like living in a small town where I know a lot of people and where people know me – a place where you don’t need to lock your doors and where you can safely walk alone, day or night. I am finally learning enough of the language that I can hold a conversation with someone, at least on a limited number of topics. I have grown to know and love my family here. If you have looked at my photos over the years, you know that this is an incredibly beautiful place. However, the winter storms are not among my favorite things, even though they make good pictures.

With all of the travelling I have been doing, I often say that home is where my suitcase is. Well, now I am taking my suitcase back to California – back home.

Gøta Gates

Nearly every garden on Gunnleyg’s street has a different kind of gate. On a sunny day when we took a walk through the town, I stopped to take pictures of the gates. I have included some other gates, and somethings that are not gates, as well. The play of shadow and sun makes them look like abstract art.


Here are a some photos from Fuglafjørður from the past few weeks. It is a beautiful place. You should come for a visit sometime. Maybe for my next visit, work on the little house will be finished.

Here are also a few leftover photos that aren’t from Fuglafjørður that I thought you might enjoy.


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