“The Missing Son – A Faroe Island Saga”

At long last, my book has been published!

The Missing Son – A Faroe Island Saga was released this week for publication. It can be purchased at http://www.createspace.com/3429237.

In November 1916, Hans Jacobsen took a job as a seaman on a ship leaving Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands, far north in the Atlantic Ocean. He never returned home. Some eighty years later, his daughter Jennifer Henke arrived in these islands, all alone and unannounced, hoping to discover her father’s homeland and family. In her luggage was a sheet of paper with the names of her father’s parents and brothers and sisters. She also carried a packet of letters from 1917-1924, written in Danish, and on the dateline of each letter was the word “Fuglefjord,” his home town.

The Missing Son – A Faroe Island Saga tells Jennifer’s story of discovering her father’s homeland and his family and finding “where the cradle stood.” The letters from his family reveal life on these remote islands during World War I and the years following and also give us a surprising love story – my father’s fiancée wrote to him for seven years, always hoping he would return to her. The Missing Son gives a glimpse into the pristine, wild, and picturesque Faroe Islands, from today and from a century ago.

Here is the Table of Contents.

Chapter 1 A Journey into the Past
Finding my father’s family in the Faroe Islands eighty years after he left home as a young sailor.

Chapter 2 Fuglafjørður History
A short history of my father’s family and his home town.

Chapter 3 Letters from the War Years, 1917-1919
Letters to my father from his parents, sister, and two brothers.

Chapter 4 Welcome
The warm welcome given me by my new-found family during my first few days in the Faroe Islands.

Chapter 5 Letters, 1920-1924
The last letters to my father from his family in the Faroe Islands.

Chapter 6 Getting Acquainted
Getting to know my cousins and seeing the spectacular Faroe Islands.

Chapter 7 Love Letters
A surprising love story – letters from my father’s fiancée in the Faroe Islands.

Chapter 8 Celebration and Farewell
The annual town festival and my last few days with my cousins.

Chapter 9 An Able-bodied Seaman
My father’s stories from his sailing days.

Chapter 10 Returning to the Faroe Islands
Return visits to the Faroe Islands with my brother and my husband.

Chapter 11 The Next Generation
My children visit the Faroe Islands.

Chapter 12 The Last Love Letters
The final love letters from my father’s fiancée.

Chapter 13 Epilogue
The end of the story.

Appendix I Sailing Records for Hans Jacobsen

Appendix II The Jacobsen Family Tree


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