Climbing Stairs

In Fuglafjørður, there isn’t much need for stair-master exercise equipment, when there are so many stairs to climb, wherever you want to go. After admiring a long flight of stairs leading up the hillside from my street, I started looking around at some of the flights of stairs in town. I should stop complaining that my house in America has 22 steps up to the front door. It would be a pretty average house in Fuglafjørður. I have climbed a lot of these stairways, but not the worst ones.

Birds, Flowers, and Fog

Since Fuglafjørður means “Bird Bay,” I decided to take pictures of some of the birds I saw around Fuglafjørður this week. I am not sure what they all are, but most of them are pretty noisy.

I also enjoy the many wildflowers in the fields. Wherever you walk, you can see wildflowers. They last all summer, because the weather doesn’t get warm enough to make them wilt.

Since I showed you some pictures of sunny days in Fuglafjørður, it is only fair that I also show you some foggy days. Sometimes the fog is actually quite beautiful.

Making Hay

Some people took advantage of the good weather this past week to make hay while the sun shines. All around the edge of the town are small, individual fields. Many people use small gas-driven mowers to cut the grass, but occasionally you see someone using a scythe. On a sunny day, the grass dries quickly, and it is important to get the hay under cover before the rain comes. Many of the small sheds that you see around the town are used to store hay to feed the sheep during the winter.


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