Greetings from Iceland

I arrived in Reykjavik yesterday, and I will be in this hotel for three days in the south west corner of Iceland. The rest of the tour group arrived today.

We are in the middle of a very desolate looking lava field, miles and miles of gray rock, with a few low mountains here and there. Our hotel is heated by hot water from the geothermal activity.

Getting Ready

I am getting ready for my trip to Iceland next week by doing a lot of walking. Today we even had intermittent sunshine, which makes it nice to get out and walk. I walked down to the end of the road that passes my house. The sheep have gone up to the higher mountains, but the birds and flowers are still there. We have hardly had any rain since I arrived in the Faroes, and the waterfall has nearly dried up. I’m not complaining.

Walking in Fuglafjørður

I am always sure to take my camera when I go for a walk. Here are some everyday scenes from Fuglafjørður. I know I have taken some of these picture before, but they seem new everytime I see them. I love the little valley at the base of Blábjorg, with its green grass, waterfalls, and the small house with a sod roof. This time of year I enjoy looking at the flowers – peoples gardens and the wild-flowers, especially the tiny orchids. When I am up the hill looking down on the town, I always notice the sod roofs, and this time of year many of them are covered with yellow flowers.


Saturday a new ship belonging to Fuglafjørður arrived in the Fuglafjørður bay, and everyone was invited to take a tour of the ship, with drinks and refreshments for everyone. I don’t know much about ships, but this one was pretty big. From my house, I could see the ship as it first entered the bay, since I have a good view into the sound between the islands. There were hundreds of people on the dock and on the ship, and the Fuglafjørður brass band was playing when I got there.

One of my neighbors had sailed with the ship to bring it from the Mediterranean back to Fuglafjørður, and I visited the very comfortable living quarters on board.

Back in Fuglafjørður Again

It is a long trip from San Francisco to Fuglafjørður, and it seems even longer when you have a cold and clogged ears. I arrived on a beautiful, sunny, warm day – the temperature was probably in the 50’s F (10 C). Jet lag always is a problem for me when I change 8 time zones. I woke up at midnight, worked for three hours unpacking and putting things away in my little house, and then went back to bed.

Today I drove to the nearby town of Runavík to get the internet and phone connected, so now I can communicate with the outside world.

Here are a few pictures I took on my walk to church Sunday morning.


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