Leaving Iceland

It has taken me a few weeks, but at last here are the final pictures from my trip to Iceland, with everything from reflections in a quiet lake, to strange lava formations, or views of the ocean and views of the countryside. There is also a category of miscellaneous, where I put pictures I like but don’t know how to categorize. I hope you enjoyed my trip to Iceland. I did.

Flowers in Iceland

I still have more pictures from Iceland to show you, even though I have been home for two weeks. I have realized that I can either sort pictures and update my website, or I can get out of the house, do fun things, and take more pictures. I have opted for the taking more pictures and am getting further behind with updating my website.

Here are photos of flowers in Iceland – some are familiar and some are quite unknown. I like them, and I hope you do, too.

Churches in Iceland

The state church in Iceland is Lutheran. While driving through Iceland we passed many little villages that had a white church with a red roof, and someone suggested maybe that was the only kind of church they build in Iceland. Eventually we did see some churches that were different. The Hallgrim’s Church in Reykjavík is certainly a notable exception.


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