My Last Week

I am heading back to America next week. I always miss the view of the bay and the mountains from my windows here in Fuglafjørður. However, I am looking forward to seeing the sun much more often, knowing that the fog will disappear by noon.

Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks, some with sun and some with clouds, but most of them with water and mountains.


Kalsoy is the closest island to where I live in Fuglafjørður, but I had never been there before. I drove through the under-sea tunnel to Klaksvík, where I caught the afternoon car-ferry to Syðradalur on Kalsoy. There are only 4 small villages on Kalsoy, and no stores of any kind. Many people on the ferry were carrying bags of groceries from the stores in Klaksvík.

Kalsoy is nick-named the “flute”. It is a long, thin island, with 8 holes in it from the four tunnels. I am never fond of one-lane tunnels, but we didn’t meet any traffic in any of the tunnels. In fact, the only time there was any traffic was when 16-20 cars drove off the ferry.

Harvesting Hay

During July and August, you can often see families out on the hillsides harvesting the hay. I joined some relatives on a warm, sunny afternoon on the hillside. They raked the dried hay into a large pile, then piled it into a small trailer and took it down the hillside to a hay shed to be used during the winter to feed the sheep. Kids and grandkids joined in the work, leaving plenty of time for play, as well.


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