Soccer in Fuglafjordur

Today I went to the soccer game in Fuglafjordur.  Fortunately, I wore my new down-filled jacket that is supposed to be good to – 40 degrees F, and it kept me warm enough.  We won, 2-0.

Soccer Shoes

Today I went to a soccer game in Fuglafjordur (we won, 2-0).  Part way through the game I noticed that the teams didn’t wear one style of shoes, but everyone had his own kind of shoe.  The red socks belong to Fuglafjordur, the blue socks to Hb (the other team), and the black pants were from half-time when various people from the grounds crew were on the field.

Winds from the North

Short sleeve weather is gone.  The wind from the north is cold, and it is strong enough to make white waves on the bay.  Unfortunately, the weather turned wet and cold just in time for the annual Fuglafjordur festival, Varmakelda.  There aren’t many kids out playing on the Tivoli rides.


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