Waterfalls are Back

It has been a very dry summer here in the Faroe Islands, but finally, after a week or so of rain, the waterfalls have returned. These waterfalls are all in Fuglafjørður, on two different creeks, Gjógvará to the north of my house and Breiðá to the south of my house.

Gøta – G! Festival

The town of Gøta hosts a major music festival every July.  I helped the people from the Gøta choir prepare food to sell at their concession stand, and for that I got a free armband to attend the festival.  I have just a few photos of the festival grounds and then a few of the stained glass windows in the Gøta church.

Scenery and Friends in Fuglafjørður

Here are a few scenes from Fuglafjørður and a couple of very cute little girls.

The streetlights are back on at night.  It is actually dark in the middle of the night now, and the streetlights come on for several hours at night now

Sheep Shearing

Mid-July is time for sheep shearing in the Faroe Islands.  The sheep go up in the mountains to graze for the summer, so the first step is to go up in the mountains and bring them down.  30-40 people, including children, and three dogs spent all morning driving the sheep down to the sheep fold.  Some of the people who don’t go up the mountain bring lunch for everyone.

The lambs are separated into a separate pen, identified by their owners, given a dose of medicine and vitamins, and then are let out of the pens to go back up the mountain.  Then comes the long process of shearing the rest of the sheep.  Most of the sheep are quiet and calm during the shearing, but occasionally there is one that fights and struggles.

Fiery Sunset

Last night I drove home from Tórshavn at sunset.  The Faroe Islands were not on fire – it was only the sunset.

Today’s Ships in Fuglafjørður

Today seven ships were lined up along the docks across the bay.  There have been very few ships in Fuglafjørður since I arrived. There is probably a good reason why there were so many today, but I don’t know what it is.

Beside the Bay

The weather has been mild, with sunny afternoons, and I am getting in the habit of taking a walk beside the bay in the afternoon.  There are always terns flying to the nesting grounds from the bay, with food for their young.  Several times I have seen a tern with a mouth full of fish, but I haven’t managed to get a photo yet.  There are always some of the oystercatchers, with orange bill, legs, and eyes; and often I see eider ducks and other ducks.

The water of the bay is so changeable, from grey to green to deep blue, depending on the clouds, sun, and wind.  Here are a few pictures, mostly from my walks beside the bay.


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