Last Day in Fuglafjørður

Here are a few pictures from my last day in Fuglafjørður.  Tomorrow afternoon I will fly to Copenhagen and spend the night there.  Then on Friday I fly home to San Francisco, by way of Chicago.  Saturday I will wake up in my bed at home and wonder where I am.

View from My Window

The view from my window changes with every change in the weather.  Here are a few pictures from a foggy week.  The waterfall was a view from my car window on a drive to Tórshavn.

Going Home Soon

Here are a few pictures from last week.  I have one more week in the Faroes before I return home.

Some of the pictures are from Fuglafjørður and some are from a visit to Oyndarfjørður.  There has been quite a variety of weather this week, from Saturday’s sun on the beach, to yesterday’s storm with wind and waves, and today’s fog.

Hay Fields

Most of the hay fields around Fuglafjørður go right up the steep mountainsides, not surprising, since there is so little flat land around the bay.  My guess is that the largest piece of flat land is the football/soccer field, and I am pretty sure that  is not real grass.  Families who own sheep often will rent some of the small fields, and then most of the work of harvesting the hay is done by hand.  In a land with so much fog and rain, the Faroese people really do make hay while the sun shines.

Island of Eysturoy

A beautiful sunny day tempted me to take a drive around Eysturoy, mainly the northern part.  (Clouds were starting to come over the southern part.)


Sheds are everywhere in the Faroe Islands – in fields, on mountains, in town, and next to the house.  The sheds next to the house are usually used to store food, and especially dried lamb.  The slatted walls allow the cold salt air to blow through the shed to dry the lamb.  All along the edge of the bay are small boat houses, that sometimes have a ramp for the boat.  Other sheds are used for storage, especially for storing hay for the sheep in winter.  Some sheds are multipurpose, for example, the shed in my garden has a boat house on the lower level and a storage shed on the upper level, where tools and hay are stored.  Here are just a few of the sheds located around Fuglafjørður.

Sunny Days

With one sunny, warm day in the Faroe Islands, you can forget all of the fog and storms of the past month.  With two sunny days in a row, you can even forget the winter storms.  We are now having our third sunny, warm day in a row.  All around the town, people are outside, painting houses or fences, repairing roofs, or making hay.  Here are photos from a sunny summer day (and one from a moonlit night).


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