Kirkjubøur is the historic religious center of the Faroe Islands.  The stone cathedral (Magnus Cathedral) built about 1300, is currently being restored, having survived 700 years of Faroese storms.  The smaller parish church was originally built about 1100, and has been in continuous use since that time (though it has been rebuild several times).  The old cemetery, on the sea side of the church, long ago was washed away by storms, and now the cemetery is relocated to the inland side of the church.  There are several other notable old buildings located here including the 900 year old Norwegian smoke house that was brought to the Faroe Islands in the Middle Ages.

Fuglafjørður to Hellur

A few evenings ago Jógvan took us on a boat ride from Fuglafjørður to Hellur, a small village over the mountain pass from Fuglafjørður.  The boat didn’t go over the mountain pass, but took the long way around the mountain and north to the next bay on Eysturoy.

Northern Eysturoy

Thursday I took my brother and his wife around the northern part of Eysturoy.  Once again, we had beautiful sunny weather.


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