Farewell Faroes

Tomorrow it is back to America.  I shall certainly miss the view from my window.

Favorite Scenery

I am going home in less than a week,  and I will miss the beautiful scenery in the Faroe Islands.  Especially on sunny days the colors of the water and the mountains is so vivid.

Driving over the pass out of Fuglafjørður, you occasionally see the blues of the ocean and the blues of the sky merging together in the far distance.  I also like the designs that the mowed hay fields make on the sides of the mountains.

I will especially miss the views from my window and my garden of the green mountains, the blue water, and the colorful houses in the town.  At the end of the day, the sun just touches the top of the Ritafjall mountain at the far side of the bay.  It was a beautiful day.

Faroese Sheep

Sheep are everywhere in the Faroe Islands – in the fields, on the mountains, beside the roads, on the roads, in the drying sheds, and on the dinner table.  The wool comes in quite a variety of colors and designs.  Here are a few sheep.


Here are a few photos from Ólavsøka, the Faroese celebration honoring the Norwegian king Ólav, who brought Christianity to the Faroe Islands.  These are from the choir singinging at the opening of Parlaiment.

July Miscellany

Here are some miscellaneous photos left over from July, some from Fuglafjørður and some from sightseeing trips.


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