Nordic Obsession Tour – Part 2

Wednesday was filled with sunshine.  I even got sunburned.  After a walking/talking tour of Tórshavn, the five of us headed north to visit three scenic villages.  Our first stop was Saksun, with its old village of stone houses with sod roofs, with towering cliffs and a waterfall above.  With little rain for the past month, the waterfall wasn’t much more than a trickle, but still beautiful.

Next we crossed to the island of Eysturoy, going north to Eiði.  In the middle of the World Cup matches, it seemed appropriate to visit the soccer field here right on the edge of the north Atlantic.  We also took photos of the steep headlands with the notable rock formations, the giant and the witch.

We drove over high mountain passes to the village of Gjógv (meaning gorge), where we stopped at the hotel for dinner, Faroese dancing lessons, and music by Guðrið Hansdóttir.  The fog was coming in when we finished at the hotel, but for much of our drive through Eysturoy we were in the mountains above the fog.

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  1. A beautiful life story. Peace surround all of you, Dana

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