Nordic Obsession Tour – Part 6

The last day of our tour was a full one.  We first went to Kirkjubøur, which was the church and cultural center of the Faroes during the middle ages.  The small white parish church has been an active church since about 1100.  The majestic stone cathedral, built in the 1200’s now has a protective roof to prevent more deterioration. The old log smoke-house and museum contains many interesting artifacts from Faroese history.

After lunch we drove north on Streymoy along the sound facing Eysturoy.  Our first stop was at the octagonal church in Haldorsvík, where we met with Stanley Samuelsen for a short private concert, first in the church and then in his grandfather’s home nearby.  We had time for conversation, music, and coffee.

Our special farewell dinner was at Koks restaurant on the hill overlooking Tórshavn.  Two of us ordered the wine menu with the dinner, pairing a wine with each course of the meal – a total of seven wines.  Fortunately, I had a friend nearby who finished off each glass for me.  This restaurant was recently reviewed in one of the American gourmet magazines.  I read the review on facebook.

The next morning I returned to Fuglafjørður, Jon went to the airport, and the other 3 went to Gøta for the G! Festival.




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