Mini Cooper

I recently bought a new car, a Mini Cooper S Clubman, in chili pepper red. I also got a tiny version for my grandson, who is very excited to have a car like grandma’s.

I am back to my regular routine of baby sitting two days a week, so here are a few pictures from yesterday. He is always on the move, so it isn’t easy to get a good picture of him.

Hail Storm

We had an unusual hail storm this weekend, accompanied by thunder and lightning. It sounded like someone was throwing rocks at my skylight, and I sure was hoping that it wouldn’t break. We don’t get snow here, but the hail almost looks like snow.

New Camera

In preparation for my vacation this summer, I bought a new camera – a Canon SX30 IS. I walked up to a nearby hilltop to try out the zoom lens. It has a 35 times zoom, which means the camera sees much better than I do. Here are some pictures of the bay area on a sunny and cloudy day.


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