Nordic Obsession Tour – Part 4

Our tour took us to my town of Fuglafjørður, where my neighbor Oddur served as tour guide, and then he joined us for lunch at my house.  Sorry, I was so busy I forgot to take pictures.  From Fuglafjørður we headed to the northern islands, going through two long, dark,one-lane tunnels.  I was glad someone else was driving this year.  We had a late dinner back in Tórshavn, since the restaurant in Klaksvík was closed.

The next day we met up with Tollakur, who was our tour guide on the island of Vágar.  We stopped for a late lunch at the airport, where we saw the stained glass birds by Tróndur Patursen, back home from their trip to the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.  We viewed some of the boat races in Miðvágar, and I saw the boat from Fuglafjørður win its race.  In the evening, we were the only guests for a concert with Marius Ziska and Heðin Davidsen at the home of Elin Heinesen.  It was a full day.

Easter Season in the Faroes

Easter is a very important holiday for the church in the Faroe Islands, and there are many special services during the season of Lent that precedes it.

The Fuglafjørður church had a service every Wednesday evening, and for these services, we had a guest priest from another parish, while our priest was off visiting another church. Since there are more churches than priests, half of the churches had their Lenten services on Thursday evenings. I assume that the priests reused their sermon from Wednesday in the Thursday service at a different church.

In our church, students from the school participated in each service, usually providing some special music. On one evening, the service featured art work by the students – small oil paintings of the cross. One of the church members is an artist and a school teacher, and he worked with the students on the paintings. During the service each student read a scripture verse about the cross. After each of the Wednesday services, we had coffee and refreshments, and nearly every week an artist from the church would show some of his work and give a talk about it. I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you what they said. My Faroese isn’t good enough yet.

Nearly everything is closed down on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday. About the only exception is that there were soccer (football) games on Thursday and Monday. On Thursday, I had lunch with a family that was pretty evenly divided between rooting for Gøta and for Tórshavn.

The church had services for Easter on Sunday and on Monday. Many of the attached photos are from the Monday service.

On Easter Sunday, I actually didn’t go to church. The ferries don’t run on Easter Sunday, and the new Smyril 2 ferry that goes between Tórshavn and Suðuroy (the southern island) used the opportunity to take a cruise around all of the Faroe Islands. I opted for the tour and then church on Easter Monday. I took 175 photos on the tour, so give me a little time, and I will show you the best ones.


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